Here’s where to get the best stuffed doughnuts in Singapore

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It’s hard to pinpoint one particular factor to the perfect stuffed doughnut.

Is it the way your teeth sinks into the sugar-coated pillows? Or is it the smooth, velvety cream that threatens to ooze out as soon as you grab hold of one? Perhaps it’s the addictive rush you get from the fried spheres you can’t get enough of.

We believe our weakness is a combination of all three. If you’ve fallen in love with stuffed doughnuts just as we have, then you’ve found the right place. Here’s a list of where to get the best ones in Singapore.

The Fat Kid Bakery

Homegrown brand, The Fat Kid Bakery, made waves on social media last year with their fluffy sourdough bombolonis. Armed with a two-year-old sourdough starter, the doughnuts go through a lengthy fermentation process of 72 hours for optimal flavour development and a tall soft crumb, before its generously stuffed with Chocolate, Oolong, Mango and Blueberry Cheesecake cream. The pillowy bombos are available in boxes of four, eight, 10 and 12.

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Doughnut Shack

The stuffed doughnuts at Doughnut Shack are one of the most reliable ones around if you’re craving something sweet. Apart from regular-sized bombolonis, they’ve got an assorted range of mini doughnuts that are too good to pass up: who doesn’t love the idea of popping the fluffy treats into their mouths whole anyway? The Nutella flavour bombos are a crowd favourite, but we recommend getting a serving of the speculoos cheesecake and apple butter flavours for good measure.

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Bakes by NY

We don’t think we’ll ever forget the way the Chocolate Fudge oozed out of the stuffed doughnuts from Bakes by NY. From the ever-popular Nutella to local flavours Kopi C and Ondeh Ondeh, each box is a velvety, sugary mix that’ll put your cravings at rest in a jiffy. Just make sure you don’t check your blood sugar levels that day.

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Burnt Ends Bakery

From the one Michelin-starred Burnt Ends comes Burnt Ends Bakery, the bread and pastry wing of the restaurant. While diners can get the assorted box of five doughnuts here (a fixed flavour wheel of Vanilla Cream, Nutella, Pandan, Milo Dinosaur and Lemon Meringue) to try, we find most going back for the Milo Dinosaur time and time again. After all, no one can resist a brioche doughnut packed with milo cream, milo biscuit and a dusting of milo powder.

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Plain Vanilla

It’s hard to go wrong with the pastries at Plain Vanilla. If you’re not feeling the urge for one of their famed cupcakes, these stuffed doughnuts are a good alternative too. The box is made in a limited quantity only thrice a week (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays) and are only available for same-day order, so it’s fastest fingers first. Each box comes with one each of the two mainstay flavours and one of the daily special flavours, so be sure to check back on the website regularly.

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(Main and featured image: The Fat Kid Bakery)

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