Here’s where to get cult-favourite brand, The Ordinary, in Singapore

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Global cult-brand The Ordinary has been taking the world by storm since its launch in 2016. 

In an industry where elaborate marketing tactics and eye-catching packaging runs the show, the apothecary-style skincare brand took this notion and completely flipped it over its head. The brand champions transparency to its consumers, a key ingredient which has led to their success today.

This is why the products here are presented with no-frills attached: rather than quirky names to attract customers, all their offerings are simply identified by their main active ingredient. This includes removing the trappings of elaborate packaging as well — all products are found in either laboratory-type dropper bottles or plain grey tubes.

On its website, it lays down the facts in simple terms for the customer: each product is detailed with what ingredients it’s made from, what the ingredients do, and how to use the products. It also explains the order in which to use the products for the most effective results, making it a dream for skincare newbies.

Yet, shipping products directly from the site can be costly since they are based in Canada. It costs about USD$38 (S$53), and free shipping comes with a minimum spend of USD$250 (S$349). Fortunately, there are other online retailers that aim to help consumers in Singapore to attain products from The Ordinary at affordable to no shipping costs.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of reputable online beauty retailers to get you going on your next skincare journey with The Ordinary.

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