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How to build a bag that lasts a life time and is yet effortlessly chic in each era? Italian luxury label Loro Piana has solved the conundrum by creating its gloriously elegant Sesia.

Smooth and soft to the touch, it’s named after the brand’s home in the Piedmont Valley in North West Italy, and the sinuous river that flows through it after snaking its way down through the Alps.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Loro Piana family were woollen merchants, whose finessed traditions and a treasure trove of knowhow have been passed down through the generations. Some 200 years later, the label is diving into a fresh, modern chapter that’s high on design yet still exemplifies much of the sustainable, slower-fashion movement that has shifted much in luxury of late.

Making of the Sesia (Image courtesy of Loro Piana’s Italian workshop)

The label is known for the unparalleled quality of its cashmere, vicuña and extra-fine wool, so it’s little wonder that the tactility of its materials is so important. Part of the delight of the Sesia is that it’s sumptuous to the touch as well as the eye. Run your hands over the supple grain of the beautiful leathers, which range from satin smooth to grainy matte to soft and shiny alligator, while admiring the perfected stitching, cutting and elements hand-made with finesse – all done in house.

The precise proportions are all about balance and the poetry of its soft curves. The Sesia is a seamless integration of the house’s dedication to the finest materials and construction with a modern attitude. Smooth contours guide the hand, making this a piece that easily works at any time of day or night, with nothing ever forced. The care and skill of the artisans putting each Sesia together is evident in the final product.

The concept of flow, process and serenity is ever more important in luxury today – we’re all more conscious of how we consume and use our most precious items. This gentle offering champions seamless, effortless femininity and organic inspirations. Hues are serene, ranging from delicate rose, whisper white, buttercup yellow, eucalyptus and forest green to burnt orange, sunset rose, and sky and navy blues. This handbag is artisan crafted in several sizes, with padlocks, versatile leather and woven- canvas statement straps for all attitudes and occasions. The subtle punctuation of the Loro Piana crest appears as an enamel button.

Carried looped between your fingers, swinging on the shoulder or cross body for when you’re on the go, the Sesia is uninhibited – with uncontrived panache. A triumph of smooth engineering and beautiful, tactile contours, it’s a handbag with a story to tell, by a brand that with six generations of them to choose from.

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Hero image: Natalia Vodianova carries the Sesia with striped canvas strap, courtesy of Loro Piana.

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