Here Are Four Ways to Wear the YEEZY Gap Jacket

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The YEEZY Gap collaboration has been a long time coming. But after the first item from the co-sign was teased at the weekend via a bold debut on Kanye himself (and missed by pretty much everyone), we’ve finally got some concrete release info.

The “Round” YEEZY Gap Jacket, arriving in a loud blue colorway and retailing at $200, is open for sign-ups and is likely to ship this fall. Now that we know what at least one YEEZY Gap piece will look like, the getting-dressed part of our brain just kicked into gear.

An ultra-bright blue nylon jacket isn’t the easiest thing to make work, granted. But where’s the fun in easy? Love it or hate it, Kanye gear often pushes the divisive button and that’s why it’s in demand. See the other-wordly Foam RNNR or its upcoming knit cousin for reference.

What’s certain, is that there’s absolutely no chance you’re wearing this blue YEEZY Gap jacket quietly. Below, we’ve laid out three suggestions on how it could be styled should you be down to. We’re looking to the man himself first.

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Like Kanye

The world’s first glimpse of the YEEZY Gap jacket came via a wild Kanye look — one which saw him wear the big puffer, as well as a full-face covering, in the blazing Los Angeles heat. If you’re brave enough to replicate it, we’ve laid out the actual Kanye-worn fit below. From the YEEZY Gap jacket down to Ye’s Nike Vandals via a pair of Arc’teryx pants, wearing this in summer comes at your own risk.

Like a Kanye Stan

(Available at 3 Merchants)

(Available at 3 Merchants)

With every divisive artist or designer comes the die-hard crowd of disciples that usually outweighs the naysayers. Kanye has plenty of those. And if you’re one of the devotees, your wardrobe will already likely know all too well that YEEZY Gap is far from Kanye’s first foray into fashion. Should you need more, here’s your head-to-toe Mr. West fix.

With Neutral Staples

Chuck 70 High Sneakers

(Available at 2 Merchants)

(Available at 2 Merchants)

Collaboration announcements are often followed with questions of what, how, and why. But YEEZY Gap made perfect sense as soon as it was announced last year. Both parties are known for peddling wardrobe foundations — staple, and usually, a logoless piece that you can wear with everything and anything. Sticking with that vibe, as well as Kanye’s penchant for the earth palette, we’ve picked out some neutral items to pair with that’ll stand the test of time. Even if that blue YEEZY Gap jacket doesn’t. Just saying.

Or Don’t…

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a puffer and full face mask in summer. If anyone. If you’ve not been convinced by YEEZY Gap just yet, or if swimmers and slides are more your thing right now, head to the Highsnobiety Summer Style Guide to get a much lighter dose of sartorial suggestion.

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