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Henry Jacques unveils a new selection of perfume boxes to elegantly store your favourite scents like the precious gems that they are.

To wear perfume is to embrace an olfactory signature as an extension of one’s identity. The choice is highly personal, capable of evoking many emotions as it recalls the most precious of memories. For some, choosing a daily scent is just as significant as selecting a favourite piece of jewellery from a gilded jewellery box. And Henry Jacques is embracing the same notion with its new perfume boxes, Les Boites à Parfums.

Built to house your personal collections of Les Classiques and Les Brumes perfume ranges, these coffers are available in styles that can store up to three, six or 10 flacons, allowing for the safekeeping of one’s treasured bottles.

Henry Jacques himself working in his laboratory

Thoughtfully designed to spark joy and excitement, Henry Jacques sets out to revive the sense of grandeur in the long-lost tradition of the perfume-wearing ritual. In the age of French monarchs and the bourgeoisie, perfume chests served as a symbol of noble taste. The Les Boites à Parfums cases come in four colours: taupe, brown, beige and pink. They are complimentary with the purchase of three, six or 10 bottles of Les Classiques or Les Classiques.

With the introduction of the elegant Henry Jacques perfume boxes, the French haute parfumerie aims to nurture the concept of the Art of Living. The idea is to encourage clients to consider a refined way of life wrapped in absolute luxury. Nothing is hurried and time is your own to spend on matters important to you.

According to the Art of Living, it is acceptable to spend time on yourself. It is appropriate to explore and wear different scents for varying occasions – from a day at work to a casual evening out with friends or a romantic affair.

As dressing up has become a form of indulgence throughout the pandemic, some have discovered the joys of self-care, which includes the discovery of new scents and how each expresses one’s style and traits.

Henry Jacques scents stored in Les Boites à Parfums cases

Perfume collections tell a story of who one is or wants to be. As the most intimate of adornments, perfumes allow one to take pleasure in perfecting an image while having a personal moment to oneself.

More than just pretty vessels, Les Boites à Parfums reflect an individual’s unique personality, holding beautiful memories and treasured moments. On a vanity, alcove or a beautiful credenza, each perfume box is a stylistic addition, as much as an artisanal case to shield the fragrances from sunlight and dust.

A conveyor of self-expression and a means of enhancing one’s personal identity through an olfactive journey, Henry Jacques has created the perfect gift for perfume lovers everywhere.

View the perfume box as a scent wardrobe to complement various outfits and moods. Why limit yourself to one perfume when you can have a collection that becomes a statement of your unique personality and decadent lifestyle? Let Henry Jacques be your expert guide as you pursue the curation of something truly your own.

This story first appeared in the July 2022 issue of Prestige Singapore.

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