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Futuristic based dining restaurant that promotes inovations of Food and Cultures, set to explore all new possibilities in gastronomic industry.

Dine out in the flight filled with precious experience for all of our valued customers. We not only have plenty options of cuisine but also various beverages. Stylized and futuristic experience awaits for you.

If you’re looking for unique place for parties, celebration, enjoyable music and dancing. Na-oh Bangkok where all the people present gave a fun and comfortable time together. 80-150 quests easy fit in this place. https://www.naohbangkok.com/events

A Futuristic Food Journey
Executive Chef & Chef de cuisine.
Na-oh Bangkok has re-united Executive Chef, Chef Mai Thitiwat Tantragarn and Chef de cuisine Chef Pho-koa Poramet  Pongveha.
They were both inspired to cook at a young age and spent ten years working in foreign kitchens with Michelin star chefs.

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