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What do a razor and a paint marker have in common? Nothing really, but the combo works for the latest Harry’s x Krink collab.

Born and bred in New York City, Harry’s and Krink are two brands cut from the same cloth. For the former, focusing on creativity in design gives the brand a reimagined lens on men’s care in a way that tastefully blends aesthetics and personal grooming. The latter, a creative studio known for its innovative art tools, is dedicated to repurposing materials and remixing functionality to promote art in new and imaginative contexts.

After recognizing their shared roots and similar goals, Harry’s and Krink joined forces as New York’s native brands to empower creativity and enable self-expression, whether you choose to share it with the world or enjoy it within your own private space.



For their first collab, Harry’s x Krink released a limited edition gift set box designed to bring imagination to your daily routine. As the second installment of Harry’s unique Mammoth Series, an ongoing line used by the personal care company to highlight diverse creatives, this particular set is a mixture of practicality and ingenuity that only Harry’s x Krink can conjure.

“My co-founder Andy and I created Harry’s to be a brand rooted in design from day one,” remarks Jeff Raider, Harry’s Co-Founder and CEO. “After a number of exciting one-off partnerships, we introduced Mammoth Series in 2022 as an ongoing platform to showcase our collaborations with the creative community and create moments to engage with our customers in impactful ways.”

The sold-out Harry’s x Krink gift set included an exclusive gray/fleck and chrome Winston razor and stand engraved with the Krink’s logo paired with the creative studio’s signature K-75 Paint Marker, designed to help you make the world your canvas.

To highlight the imaginative blending of the two brands, we hosted a one-of-a-kind pop-up at 43 Crosby Street in Soho for everyone to come check out what the two inventive labels have to offer. Kicking things off during the day, guests channeled their inner graffiti artists to do some tagging of their own with the new K-75 Marker. From heartfelt messages to free-hand drawings, everyone took a page straight out of the Krink playbook, fully embracing the taboo art form.

As the event carried on into the evening, DJ Zillion curated the vibe while attendees flooded in, turning the once-calm space into an organized mess of creative chaos. Amongst the crowd, iconic NYC graffiti artist / Krink founder Craig Costello was seen along with Harry’s CEO, Jeff Raider, and the eclectic artist, Kevin Lyons. After everyone finished unleashing their “inner street artist,” guests stood in line at the Harry’s x Krink signature hot dog stand with beverages on deck courtesy of Liquid Death and Brooklyn Brewery.



Founded in 1992, Krink is the brainchild of iconic NYC graffiti artist Costello. Growing up in 1980s Queens, Costello discovered a passion for art that would lead him toward creative innovation and self-exploration. Known for his habit of reconstructing standard paint supplies, Costello used his DIY approach to create a signature style, ultimately laying the foundation for what would eventually become the Krink brand.

Established as a project to discover what more can be done within art, the creative studio and art materials company seeks to avoid normalcy and inject life into unexpected spaces, a sentiment that made a collab with Harry’s clear for Costello.

While talking about his latest collab, Costello says, “Krink was born from self-expression, which remains integral to our vision today. I’m excited to collaborate with another like-minded brand like Harry’s, and together we hope to provide the tools needed to help people try new things, experiment, and have fun.”

Always providing the unexpected, Harry’s x Krink reflects an authentic partnership between two brands that refuse to operate within normal limits. Now, with this collab, break out of the ordinary and find joy in the art of self-care.

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