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Chinese cosmetics retailer Harmay has unveiled its new store in downtown Beijing, Xindan, featuring the design theme ‘chaos and order’.

Designer, AIM architecture, says the store resembles an apocalyptic spaceship dug out from the bowels of Beijing.

“This store breaks tradition with the previous five Harmay stores,” the design company said in a statement. “No glamour here, no green.”

Spanning 880sqm, Harmay Xindan is designed with black and white colour scheme, representing the contrast of chaos and order. Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by an abandoned factory-like display where Harmay’s beauty products range is stored. 

The store is dominated by rusted metal elements such as chains, factory fans and steel display tables. Contrasting with the ‘distinctly dystopian mood’, futuristic spaces highlight the store layout, featuring a complete white decoration with led lightings. 

A transitional tunnel located at the back of the store acts as an exit way.

“In this bold store, you are pushed to the edges of your imagination and invited to explore a new world,” said AIM architecture. 

Harmay Xindan marks the brand’s sixth store in Beijing. The shop offers a selection of high-tech products covering five categories: skincare, hair care, oral hygiene, home and health.

Photography: Wen Studio 

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