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An infinite straight line, uncontaminated landscapes whizzing by under the gaze, the caress of the wind and the search for freedom: this is what you think of when you say the name Harley Davidson.

Since 1921, the American two-wheeler brand has made bikers all over the world dream: its models with iconic lines have won over millions of fans thanks to the skilful blend of high quality, comfort and design.

Livewire Harley Davidson moto elettrica

Traveling by motorcycle has always been synonymous with love for nature: direct contact with the road and open spaces is an essential part of every true motorcyclist. Of course, a legendary brand like Harley Davidson could not fail to take this particular aspect into account to continue to dictate new market trends.

Hence the latest jewel of the American house is born: it is called LiveWire and had its “official debut” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Harleist enthusiasts or simple lovers of two wheels were incredulous and fascinated by the first completely electric bike of this brand.

It is undeniable: some motorcyclists do not like to hear about electric, in general about motorcycles that do not release their power thanks to a vigorous “engine roar” but once again Harley Davidson has been able to convince even the most skeptical.

Livewire Harley Davidson moto elettrica

This model promises exceptional performance: LiveWire can boast acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. The instant torque originating from the H-D Revelation electric powertrain can produce 100 percent of its torque the moment the throttle is opened.

Electric power does not require clutch and does not change gear, a detail that will make the bike much easier and more manageable. Another peculiar feature of the “battery” model is regenerative braking. Autonomy? Harley Davidson worthy, of course: up to 180km on urban roads with one charge.

Once again, luxury has married respect for the environment.

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