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Renowned for being Singapore’s largest supplier of tiles and other building materials, Hafary is now set to offer an even wider range with their recent showroom expansion. The Hafary Gallery, located in Eunos, now spans a total of 43,000 sq ft with the addition of a new floor showcasing their latest product offering – the large-format porcelain slab.

Spanning a length of up to 3.2m, the large-format porcelain slab opens up new possibilities for scale and grandeur, and the expanded gallery showcases all these imaginative possibilities in a veritable playground. Designed by Park + Associates, the space is divided up into a series of sections – the Entrance Pavilion, Hall of Tiles, The Villa, The Mansion, The Apartment, Hotel and Retail.


Each section is a wonderland in its own right, designed to please and surprise the eye. There’s the Hall of Tiles featuring towering displays and two giraffes standing at 2.8m and 4m each. There’s the Entrance Pavilion, designed to be an opulent welcome lobby complete with water features and intricate latticework. And there’s the Villa, which showcases the tiles in a luxurious spa setting fit for royalty.


“The showroom is designed like a city, a world of tiles if you may,” says Christina Thean, the director of Park & Associates. “The open plan encourages visitors to curate their own journey rather than follow a fixed route. Physical boundaries between spaces are intentionally blurred as one traipses from one zone to the next, with only the change of materials hinting at a spatial transition.”


Within each carefully-curated section, the materials’ texture, pattern and colour shine through. Visitors are encouraged to explore, taking time to fully experience the possibilities of each space. “The showroom is designed as a spectacle, meant to engage with one’s creativity and imagination,” says Christina.

After exploring, visitors can gather at the central area also known as The Plaza, which is where they will receive assistance on the material selection process, fabrication, and installation of the product for their own residence or commercial space.


The Hafary showroom was an opportunity for us to rethink retail experience and invigorate the otherwise transactional process of material shopping. We did not want this to be just another showroom,” says Christina. “It was thus conceptualised as an immersive experience and [an exploration of] how materials could be showcased unconventionally. Think of it as a wonderland of tiles and stone; experiential spaces with elements of fantasy and surrealism.”

For more information, please visit www.hafary.com.sg.

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