Growing Anti-Semitism in UK Schools ‘Concerning’: Education Chief

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There has been a “concerning” increase in anti-Semitic incidents in UK schools since the latest Israel-Palestinian conflict erupted, Britain’s Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has warned. The increased focus on the conflict in some schools has in some cases led to the expression of anti-Semitic views and bullying of Jewish students and teachers, Williamson said in a message sent to schools in England on Friday. He said schools should treat these incidents with “due seriousness” and urged headteachers to ensure “political impartiality” over the conflict. Many young people have a “strong personal interest” in the issues around the conflict and in some cases that has led to “political activity” by older pupils, he wrote. “Schools should ensure that political expression by senior pupils is conducted sensitively, avoiding disruption for other pupils and staff. “It is unacceptable to allow some pupils to create an atmosphere of intimidation or fear for other students …

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