Gigi Proietti very serious after a heart attack. He had been hospitalized for 15 days already

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Gigi Proietti is urgently hospitalized in a well-known clinic in Rome, Villa Margherita, in intensive care. The Roman actor, who turns 80 on November 2, suffers from some heart complications. Her conditions are judged to be very serious. Project was hospitalized following a heart attack, according to reports from the Adnkronos agency. The actor was already suffering from heart problems. With him are his two daughters and his wife.

Gigi Proietti’s message: “Dear grandparents, let’s stay at home”

Project hospitalized 15 days ago

Gigi Proietti has been hospitalized at Villa Margherita for 15 days already. And his condition got worse today. Now he is in the company of his two daughters, Susanna and Carlotta, and his wife Sagitta Alter. Few news leaking from the clinic, where at the moment they are not letting anyone in. Gigi Proietti, who has already suffered from heart attacks in the past, would have suffered a heart attack.

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Gigi Proietti turns 80. Gigi Proietti turns 80 on November 2, of which more than 55 spent on stages throughout Italy. He is an Italian actor, comedian, stand-up comedian, voice actor, TV host, director, singer, artistic director and teacher. He is part of that circle of theater-trained artists, a field in which he has enjoyed considerable success since the early 1960s. Known for his talents as a storyteller and transformer, he is considered one of the greatest exponents in the history of Italian theater; On TV he is in the hearts of Italians for the interpretation of “Marshal Rocca”. At the cinema, Proietti is famous for the cult character Mandrake, alongside Enrico Montesano, in “Fever from horse”, a famous comedy by Steno. Recently the film “The permission” directed by Alessandro Gassman, son of his great friend Vittorio.

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