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Oh, how much we miss preparing an outfit before an event! Taking care of all the smallest details of a look, from lingerie to accessories, from color palettes to shapes, let’s face it is a habit that this 2020 has taken us away a bit. Addicted to the comfy wardrobe every now and then we feel the need to dream with those looks that we would wear in a life without restrictions, and it seems our style icons have found a solution. Since last summer the Reels known as Get Dressed With Me have been popular on Instagram. What is it about?


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Getting dressed together to… go nowhere actually! But if the preparation is what counts well then get dressed together! Leonie Hanne, a style icon who started to publish Reels on the creation of her outfits during the fashion week, between one show and another, seems to have launched the fashion trend that is depopulating on Instagram. Dior, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Jacquemus but also Zara and Mango alternate in super cool outfits ranging from casual to super chic. The latest Get Dressed With Me Reels have in fact a more relaxed and casual mood, suited to the period we are living in but no less fashionable and from which to draw inspiration.


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@chiaraferragniCountdown for this total look I got from #Barrow ✌🏻#adv

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Together with Leonie, there are many other fashion icons who have started to publish Get Dressed With Me videos, among them our Chiara Ferragni and the founder of Gisou Negin Mirsalehi. In reality, this trend is a completely new way of acting as inspirational muses of all of our outfits, in which there are no longer just stolen shots of street style looks but real tutorials on how to replicate the coolest outfits of our fashion icons. Well, waiting to be able to go out again as before, let’s take notes…