‘Game Of Talents’ Contestant Proves Belly Dancing Isn’t Just For Women

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‘Game Of Talents’ Contestant Proves Belly Dancing Isn’t Just For Women

Game of Talents returned Wednesday night on FOX. The show, hosted by Wayne Brady, features several performers whose talents are a mystery to the contestants.

Tonight’s teams were two sets of twins — To-Tam and To-Nya, as well as Jerry and Jeff. They were tasked with guessing the talents of various guests.

They were given several talents to choose from, but only six out of seven were actual talents featured during the show. One of the talents, a belly dancer, turned out to be a man. Did they guess right? Find out below.

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This performer said he likes to participate in triathlons. Wayne shared a clue package featuring a painter. Jerry and Jeff chose to pass, so To-Tam and To-Nya were tasked with guessing.


They guessed that Rob was a human fireball. He then showed off his talent as an illusionist, meaning they guessed incorrectly. That meant Jerry and Jeff got their $10,000.


This young performer said she likes to bake and shop. The clue package involved a fake football game broadcast. To-Tam and To-Nya guessed that Chelsea was an opera singer.

Chelsea then showed off her talent singing opera, meaning To-Tam and To-Nya were correct. They earned $10,000.


This young performer said she loves playing video games. The clue package featured an array of breakfast foods. Jerry and Jeff guessed that Imani was a iron jaw artist.

Imani then showed off her talent as a drum major, meaning Jerry and Jeff were wrong, and To-Tam and To-Nya earned their $15,000. Wayne Brady then tried out drumming while hanging upside down from his producer’s neck.


This performer lives in New York and said he’s a good cook. The clue package came from Ilhan’s younger brother, who said they were from Istanbul. To-Tam and To-Nya guessed that he was a belly dancer.


Ilhan then showed off his talent as a belly dancer, meaning To-Tam and To-Nya were right. They earned $15,000 for their guess, bringing their total to $40,000.


This performer said she’s from Las Vegas and loves to read. The clue package featured a fake commercial for a monster truck rally. To-Tam and To-Nya were the first to lock in their guess as iron jaw artist.

April then showed off her talent as an iron jaw artist, hanging from the ceiling with her teeth. That means To-Tam and To-Nya were correct, making their total $100,000 and eliminating Jerry and Jeff.


To-Tam and To-Nya had a chance to double their money with this last performer, who said he grew up playing lacrosse. The last two talents were human fireball neon trampolinist.

The clue package featured someone logging onto a computer. To-Tam and To-Nya chose to walk away instead of risking their money. They would have guessed neon trampolinist, which turned out to be correct. However, they still walked away with $100,000.


Jill O'Rourke

Jill O’Rourke

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