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Past meets present, gold meets diamonds and pearls, in the glittering commemorative Smales Gold Heritage Collection.

Gold in Western Australia

Western Australia’s gold rushes of the 1890s changed the face of the state forever. While the small European settlement here once struggled to survive, the discovery of this element – and lots of it – drew entrepreneurs and fortune-seekers from around the world. Towns were built, shops were erected, and Western Australia began to boom.

The nuggets unveiled here to this day are among the finest you’ll find in the world, and are particularly pretty when paired with other West Australian riches, including pink Kimberley diamonds, boulder opals and deep-sea pearls.

Combining gold with stones to create one-of-a-kind jewellery

West Australian-based Smales has been uniting these bounties since 1937, when founder Ron Smales Snr opened Kalgoorlie’s – the heart of the goldfields’ – first watch and jewellery emporium. It was initially dedicated to repairs, then branched out into crafting covetable gold-nugget pieces. Everything was, and still is, made by hand. When you buy a ring or a bracelet or earrings, you’re the only person in the world with anything like it.

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