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There are so many gizmos to track fitness activity, one can be forgiven
for thinking that exercise only counts if it’s synched to a phone. There
are bulky bracelets, unsightly bodysuits that measure every muscle
twitch, and even “smart hats” that read your heartbeat through your
overheating scalp. It’s time for subtraction, then: pick a workout
gadget you will actually use and raise your heart rate in style.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 ($369-$1,299) comes in hundreds of
combinations of cases, colors, and easily swappable bands. It features
G.P.S. on board, which means you can run, bike, or—for the first
time—swim without needing your phone to track your workouts. Apple
exclusively tells V.F. it culled from its employee base more than 700
swimmers of all levels, who turned in a combined 1,500 hours of testing
across the four basic swim strokes. The watch monitors both aerobic and
anaerobic activity—a rarity in trackers, which tend to focus on the

Prefer to stay on dry land? Park yourself on the Peloton indoor bike($1,995, plus a $39 monthly subscription), which allows you to burn
through high-intensity cycling workouts in the privacy of your own home.
(Bonus: no screaming spin instructor.) An H.D. touch screen provides
access to a seemingly endless variety of themed courses, such as 90s
hip-hop and “scenic” jaunts “outside.” The company put the bike’s
carbon-steel-and-aluminum frame through two years of design and testing
to ensure that riders of all sizes and experience can get what they came

Finally, treat yourself to a Pryme Vessyl ($99), a water bottle
that gives you ample feedback. You may not need it, but if your watch is
a supercomputer, why shouldn’t your tumbler track how much you drink,
and remind you to hydrate? The sleek bottle includes a wireless charging
coaster and synchs with an app that determines your optimal hydration
level. So there you go—swim, sweat, and drink up.

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