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South Korean furniture manufacturers are opening up ‘experiential model houses’ to boost offline demand.

Hyundai Livart Furniture Co. opened up a flagship model house for the company’s total interior brand ‘Livart Home-terior’ in Gangnam, Seoul.

The ‘Livart Home-terior’ service offers a one-stop solution for the interior design of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, floors, and wallpaper from consulting and purchasing to construction.

The new model house is a four-story building showcasing some 800 kinds of furniture and 500 types of interior decor.

The third floor exhibits a real-like model home that recreates an 84-square-meter apartment, decorated with an unusual mix of vibrant hues of yellow and green.

Hanssem Co. introduced VR tech at the company’s ‘Design Park’ store to allow customers to try placing a variety of furniture in a virtual space.

The company recently completed renovations at Design Park Nonhyeon, located in Gangnam, Seoul, to focus on premium furniture and interior decor from overseas.

The store has also set up an experiential chamber where customers can control the curtains and blinds through a smartphone app.

American mattress maker Simmons introduced a furniture-free store to target customers in their 20s and 30s.

The new ‘Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam,’ which opened in Gangnam, Seoul last month, is a pop-up store that sells various lifestyle items inscribed with the Simmons logo.

The store joined hands with other brands popular among young customers including snack maker HBAF and apparel company Balansa to come up with a variety of collaboration items.

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