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While we still don’t know where exactly Billions season seven is headed or when it will premiere, Showtime has revealed plans to turn its longest-running drama into a major global franchise.  

The expansion will include up to four new spin-off series, starting with an offshoot that will be set in sunny South Florida. “We remain fascinated by people whose ambition is boundless and who think the laws of civilization and nature don’t apply to them,” co-creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien said in a press statement. “Miami is a vital and vibrant place the super-rich have begun taking over. We’re excited to show everyone what’s really going on down there.”

billions showtime franchise

Showtime confirmed that it’s hit TV series Billions will be getting up to four new spin-offs Mark Seliger/SHOWTIME

Unlike its predecessor, the unnamed installment (Billions: Miami, for now) will center around the world of private aviation and the city’s burgeoning crypto culture. Though we’ve seen the hit flagship series dabble in crypto trading in seasons past. According to the release, Koppelman and Levien have already begun the writing process for this project, so perhaps it’ll hit screens sooner than later. Another spin-off to potentially enter the Billions universe will venture across the pond to London, peeling back the curtain on high-stakes financial firms in the UK.  

billions spinoff

Two of the Billions offshoots in development will be titled Millions and Trillions Christopher Saunders/SHOWTIME

Next up in the queue is Millions, described as “a series featuring diverse, thirtysomething, financial mogul wannabes doing whatever it takes to make it in Manhattan.” Honestly, it sounds a lot like Showtime’s version of Industry. Fingers crossed it’ll be just as compelling. A fourth spin-off entitled, wait for it, Trillions is also said to be in the works. It will be anchored by fictional titans who are positioned all around the country but ultimately come to blows with one another. In other words, who’s up for an all-out wealth war?  

While there’s no word on whether any of the main show’s OG characters will cross over, it would certainly be exciting if they did. Ahem, Bobby Axelrod.