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Domenica Lawson

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Any onlooker would likely have deemed the late Diana, Princess of Wales to be the perfect godparent; kind, accommodating and brilliantly fun. She evidently was the perfect choice, given that at the time of her death in 1997, she had 17. From Lady Edwina Snow, daughter of the 6th Duke of Westminster and wife of ‘the history guy’ Dan Snow, to Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark.

Forbes reports that at the time of her death, Diana left behind assets valued at around £21 million – and in a Letter of Wishes, dated the day after she signed the will (1 June, 1993) she asked that all of her jewellery and three quarters of her estate pass to her sons, with one-quarter earmarked for her 17 godchildren. If those were her wishes, Diana was clearly very fond and incredibly proud of her very many godchildren. Ultimately, the godchildren were reportedly given one item each from Diana’s estate (rather than a portion of one-quarter of all of her personal property).

But, nearly 24 years on from her death – and as Diana graces Tatler’s cover once more – who are they and what are they up to now?

  • Lady Edwina Snow (Born 1981)

    Lady Edwina Snow (née Grosvenor) is the sister of Britain’s most eligible bachelor, the 30-year-old billionaire businessman Hugh Gosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, who inherited the title following his father’s death in 2016. Lady Edwina grew up at Eaton Hall, Cheshire and is today married to the popular historian Dan Snow (who heralds from a dynasty of his own, as the son of Peter Snow, CBE, a Newsnight bigwig, and Ann MacMillan, a fellow historian). Despite being born into unimaginable wealth and privilege, she has dedicated herself to the sometimes thankless task of prison reform. Her work began when she spent part of her gap year working in Kathmandu Central prison in Nepal – and she has since been to more than 50 prisons in the UK and abroad. She was a founder of The Clink (a charity that identifies the training and support needed for prisoners to find jobs following release) as well as ‘One Small Thing’ (a charity that seeks to understand the trauma within the prison system). These days, alongside all her prison reform works, she hosts the podcast Justice, in which she discusses the environment of UK prisons, alongside looking after her and Dan’s three children, Zia, Wolf and Oria.

    Lady Edwina pictured with husband, Dan Snow

  • Lady Alexandra Hooper (née Knatchbull, Born 1982)

    When Lady Alexandra, the second goddaughter of Diana, Princess of Wales, married on 25 June 2016 it was dubbed the ‘society wedding of the year’. The eldest daughter of Lord Brabourne – who was reportedly ‘too ill’ to walk her down the aisle – he was replaced by Prince Charles, who jubilantly rose to the challenge. Like her mother (Countess Mountbatten, one of the 30 mourners chosen to attend Prince Philip’s funeral) and grandmother, Alexandra wore The Mountbatten Star Tiara on the great day. The guest list was a tour de force of royals from the Queen and Prince Philip to Queen Sofia of Spain via the Princess Royal. Alexandra, 38, and husband, Thomas, are now proud parents to Alden Peter Theodore Mountbatten, one, and Inigo Norton Sebastian Mounbatten, four.

    Lady Alexandra pictured with Prince Charles on her wedding day

  • Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (Born 1986)

    Prince Philippos is the youngest child of the former King and Queen of Greece, and was named after his cousin, the late Duke of Edinburgh. He grew up in London with four older siblings, Princess Alexia, Crown Prince Pavlos, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Theodora. Not limited to Diana, Princess of Wales, his other godparents include King Juan Carlos of Spain as well as Prince Philip (until very recently). In December last year he married Nina Flohr in the glamorous ski resort of Saint Moritz (Flohr’s hometown) with only two guests in attendance due to Covid restrictions – their fathers, King Constantine of Greece and Denmark and Thomas Flohr.

    Prince Philippos pictured with his wife, Nina

  • Jake Warren (Born 1986)

    The handsome son of the Queen’s racing manager, John Warren, and the grandson of the 7th Earl of Carnarvon, is a godson of Diana, Princess of Wales and great friend of the Princes (he was at Ludgrove prep school with them). With his father he runs Highclere stud, in the shadow of Highclere Castle (most familiar as Downton Abbey). He is married to Zoe, a yoga instructor, and their young daughter Zalie, was the youngest bridesmaid at her godfather Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018. Find him ringside alongside Kings, Sheikhs, celebrities and the seriously rich bidding on the finest thoroughbreds at Tattersalls in Newmarket or at Royal Ascot.

    Jake Warren pictured with Prince William and Prince Harry at Royal Ascot

  • Lord Downpatrick (Born 1988)

    Eddy Downpatrick, 32, a friend of Tatler’s, is an English fashion designer and former JP Morgan financial analyst. A sibling of Lady Marina and Lady Amelia Windsor, he is also close to Princess Beatrice and his great-grandmother is Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. After schooling at Eton, he went to Oxford – where he reportedly ran the Bullingdon Club – and studied modern languages. He launched his fashion label FIDIR in 2017 – a line made up of outdoor designs inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Sadly, Diana, his godmother, died before Eddy was able to get to know her really well. ‘Too young to fully comprehend the enormity of it,’ he once revealed in a Tatler interview.

    Lord Downpatrick pictured with his sister, Lady Amelia Windsor

  • Daisy Soames (Born 1992)

    Sir Winston Churchill’s great-granddaughter who attended Dublin’s Trinity College and now works as a fully qualified Horse Safari Guide in Kenya, Africa is another of Diana’s godchildren. Head to her Instagram which is jam-packed with the most evocative images taken atop a horse.

  • Domenica Lawson (Born 1995)

    Domenica Lawson, 26, is the daughter of businesswoman and charity campaigner, Rosa Monckton, a great friend of the late Princess, and former Sunday Telegraph editor Dominic Lawson (brother to cookery royalty, Nigella). Prior to the pandemic, Domenica, who was born with Down Syndrome, was working as a waitress at the Pavilion Gardens Café in Brighton for four hours a week. Monckton told Hello! magazine in a 2019 interview that she believes that, were Diana alive today, she would still be their tower of support. ‘She would have been such a champion for Domenica. If Diana could see what she has achieved, considering the encouragement that she gave in the two years she knew her, she would have been incredibly proud,’ she said.

    Domenica pictured with her mother, Rosa Monckton, after receiving her MBE

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