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When it comes to shows that have stood the test of time, you have to agree that Friends leads the pack. What do you make of a show that first aired in 1994, but has stuck around to make the Netflix generation go crazy over it? To put it into more context, here’s a funny encounter from one of the Friends.

Friends leads the pack in the entertainment industry

In an old interview, Matt LeBlanc, the actor who played Joey on the show, revealed that a teenager once stopped him on the street to ask if he was Joey’s dad. The kid probably had no idea that the sitcom was a 90’s show, and being Joey’s dad was the only explanation that would make sense after bumping into a 52-year-old LeBlanc.

25th Anniversary

And if you’re also in the same spectrum as that teenager, then you have no clue that 22nd September marked Friends’ 25th anniversary. That’s quarter of a century folks, and yet audiences are still craving the show’s 10 seasons.

Truth be told, the show has a life of its own. Social media is awash with pages dedicated to it and its lead actors, and Friends merch is all over the place. The memes are to die for, but you have to have watched the show to get them.

About the merch, it’s not only small-time entrepreneurs that are selling Friends stuff. If you’ve watched the sitcom, then you must remember Rachel’s (played by Jennifer Aniston) awkward moment with Kim (her boss) and Ralph Lauren (appearing for a cameo in the episode) in the elevator.

Ralph Lauren appeared in a friends episode as himself

Earlier Rachel had told her boss that Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) had made out with the big boss. This wasn’t true, but when she tried to correct the misinformation, Kim didn’t buy it. She assumed that Rachel was coming after her job, and was doing so by sleeping with Ralph.

When the designer joined them in the elevator, an air of silence followed, to which Kim misinterpreted as tension between the “lovers.” To her, this was all the confirmation she needed.

The episode, titled The One With Ross’ Teeth, aired on November 18, 1999, and was the only episode Ralph Lauren appeared in. However, he was an integral part of the show even in absentia, seeing as some of Rachel’s interesting storylines revolved around the man.

Paying Homage

Now, almost 20 years after appearing on the sitcom, Ralph Lauren is paying homage to Friends and Rachel in particular in a huge way. Partnering with Warner Bros, the fashion designer is releasing a Rachel-inspired collection.

It has been christened the Wear To Work collection, with prices for the pieces starting at £120. The most intriguing pieces include a houndstooth waistcoat going for £229 and a scarlet blazer retailing at £300.

The £300 scarlet blazer

From the images that have surfaced on social media, the pieces take you down memory lane as soon as you see them, reminding you of a jovial Rachel after she landed her dream job. She was very cautious about what she wore to work, so you can rest easy knowing that the pieces are top-notch.

Bloomingdales will sell the Rachel-inspired collection, and if you are a true fan, then you know that this is another Friends move. Has it hit you yet? At Bloomingdales is where Rachel landed her first job in the fashion industry.

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