Former State Department Official: As Violence Pulls Nigeria Apart, US Focuses on Climate Change

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Nigeria, a key U.S. ally, celebrated “Democracy Day” on June 12, the very day a former high-ranking U.S. official warned the nation is spiraling into chaos. “The country is falling apart—if not already,” former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Destro told the online conference “Democracy in Peril” sponsored by The International Committee on Nigeria, about the massacres, kidnappings, and ISIS-linked insurgency that has taken more than 60,000 lives, according to multiple sources. “One of the most sobering things I heard last year in Abuja is that the Civil War has already started,” he said in an interview with The Epoch Times that was his first public review of lessons learned since leaving the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. “My contacts did not say it was a civil war with two sides. They said it was a civil war with everyone against everyone. People will be presumed to be a threat, even …

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