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After quietly appearing at our favourite Lan Kwai Fong dive, the Four-Twenty and Dead& “Bong Bong” CBD tequila soda is launching in a spectacular way on Saturday, 23 October.

“After a hard work week, people want to chill out and relax,” says Jake Erder, the familiar face behind the bar at Dead&, the New Orleans-style watering hole from the Prabowos and Ghales of Penicillin fame.

And that’s nothing new — there’s nothing like wrapping up the weekly grind with a tall glass of something… effective, especially over the past year-and-change, with the seemingly endless parade of Zoom calls and tedious small talk about what we’re going to do when “all this” is over.

What is new, however, is the rapidly expanding portfolio of canned “ready-to-drink” (RTD) cocktails across Hong Kong. The latest to hit the market, Dead&’s “Bong Bong” CBD tequila soda, launches this weekend in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. As the name implies, the beverage also adds another trending element: the 100% legal chemical known as Cannabidiol — the second-most active ingredient in the Cannabis plant.

Enough for a buzz and a little off the top.

“We are a raw and new bar that is trying to push the norms in the Hong Kong bar scene,” says Erder. “We noticed the excitement of CBD being legalised in Hong Kong, and we believed that CBD cocktails match the vibe and ethos of Dead& perfectly.”

To launch the stuff, Dead& teamed up with local brand Four-Twenty, makers of other canned CBD cocktails including “Higher Ball” whisky soda, “Magic Acid” vodka soda and “OGT” gin and tonic, to add their twist — 20mg of it, in fact — on the classic agave highball. The result is sweet and refreshing, and at HK$50 a can, easy on the wallet, too.

“If you have never consumed CBD before, it mellows you out and can help calm people’s anxiety,” adds Erder.

To mark the occasion, Dead& is throwing a bash of its own on Saturday, 23 October, with a little bit of something for everyone: flash tattoos by Circuit Square Tattoo & Co., music courtesy of DJs Kastler and Sleepy, a shotgun competition and an extra cold edition of the “Bong Bong” for slushy lovers.

Dead&, Lan Kwai Fong, 18 Wo On Lane, Central, Hong Kong, +852 9886 5711

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