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First we swore off plastic wrap and paper towels. Then we realized that we still have leftovers to save and Pollock-inspired marinara splatters to wipe up. Luckily, we now have endless options for swapping single-use products with reusable stuff…perhaps too endless. Bay Area–based Azora Zoe Paknad noticed her friends and family struggling to navigate the rapidly growing, earth-toned universe of sustainable shopping (seriously, is everything made from bamboo?) and launched Goldune, an online store aimed at making the low-waste lifestyle more accessible and less beige by collecting smart, colorful products from small, often women-of-color-owned brands.

“I wanted to build a solution that I felt worked for people like working moms or super busy people or people with chronic illnesses, who don’t have a ton of time to explore, say, reusable toilet paper,” Paknad says. She vets all the products personally, focusing on sustainable alternatives for things her customers use most, from recycled aluminum foil to toilet paper made from, yes, renewable bamboo. These five upgrades are at the top of our wish list.

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