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Facebook Inc. is rolling out new self-publishing tools it says will help writers and other cultural producers reach audiences and get paid for their work, the latest example of a social-media company pushing to keep creators in its fold.

Facebook said Tuesday it plans to offer a free, customizable publishing tool that allows users to develop websites and email newsletters as well as charge for subscriptions. Among other features, creators will be able to monitor how their content is resonating with readers and build audiences through Facebook Groups, the company said.

Social-media companies have been targeting so-called influencers, who can attract users to their platforms and keep them engaged.

Last month, Twitter Inc. said it plans to begin offering a subscription option for content producers and look into allowing creators to receive payments in the form of tips from fans. Twitter has also agreed to purchase newsletter-creation company Revue Holding BV.

Facebook’s Instagram division, Snap Inc.’s Snapchat and ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok have all said they plan to pay creators for video content.

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