EXCLUSIVE: Afghan and Indian Diplomats Discuss the Changing Situation in Afghanistan

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NEW DELHI—For a week there has been a buzz in the media about India’s outreach to the Taliban. There are reports saying there has been a huge shift in India’s approach, speculations about India rewarding different cadres of Taliban, and op-eds about concerns and threats from the Taliban to India. In exclusive interviews, Afghan and Indian diplomats gave their take on these recent developments. The speculations are happening as the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan approaches near—a development that directly threatens India’s multi-billion dollar, 550 community development projects inside the 34 provinces of the war-torn country. The concerns are heightened because India doesn’t have any strategic footprint there and has been primarily involved in the capacity building of Afghan people. At nearly $1.5 Billion, it’s also the largest trading partner of Afghanistan. A leading Indian daily, Hindustan Times reported on June 9 “In a huge shift, India opens channels with …

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