Ex McDonald’s Korea CEO to take leading role in Homeplus

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South Korean discount-store chain Homeplus has named Cho Ju-yeon, the former CEO of McDonald’s South Korea, as its new chief marketing officer.

Ju-yeon had worked at McDonald’s Korean unit as its CEO since 2016 before joining Homeplus. 

Meanwhile, former CFO of AstraZeneca South Korea, Hwang Jeong-wook, has been appointed as Homeplus’s new CFO, according to The Korean Herald. The company said it is separating the department in charge of product into two – led by Kim Woong and Oh Jae-yong – to focus on different sectors. 

“Through the reorganisation, we want to present a clear reason why customers want to visit Homeplus,” said Lee Jea-hoon, CEO of Homeplus. 

Founded in 1997, Homeplus was previously known as Homever or Carrefour Korea before being acquired by Tesco in 2008. The business was sold to a consortium led by MBK partners in 2015 and now operates 140 branches across the country. 

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