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On March 6, Swatch announced to its 1.6 million Instagram followers that a new MoonSwatch model was imminent. The post, which receive over 20,000 likes and over 600 comments, was rife with speculation over what the new MoonSwatch model could possibly look like. Watch media outlets like Hodinkee and Fratello dedicated articles with illustrations as to what the new ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ could look like.

A day later, on March 7, all was revealed. And, well, you either love or hate what Swatch has come up with.

This time last year, the (unlikely) coming together of Omega and Swatch sparked the industry’s biggest watch story, which still reverberates a year later — a bioplastic Swatch version of Omega’s iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch was just a cool collaboration, plain and simple. The collaboration itself attracted a new watch consumer, brought back old consumers and sparked a frenzy on the secondary market which is still strong today.

But while the want for all things MoonSwatch-related is still there, the unveiling of this 12th (but limited-edition) MoonSwatch just seems a little hypey and perhaps unwarranted. Really, if Swatch wanted to appease its consumers, they would allow for online sales of the MoonSwatch to take place.

The new ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’ is simply the same ‘Mission to the Moon’ MoonSwatch but with Omega’s patented ‘Moonshine Gold’ applied to its second hands — Omega’s own material which debuted in 2019 for its NASA-approved Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold. As the company statement goes, this special seconds hand has been produced “exclusively during the full moon of February,” as stated in the certificate that comes with the watch.

Sales of the new MoonSwatch were available at selected store — Zurich, London, Milan and Tokyo — for one day only on March 7th, but will be available in more locations around the world during the next full moon, according to Swatch and Omega. While Swatch states that this new timepiece is not limited, it kind of is as you can only buy it during a full moon… and in selected stores.

You can expect to pay an additional $22 for the new MoonSwatch ‘Mission to Moonshine Gold’, at an approx price of $450. What are your thoughts on the new MoonSwatch release? Is it all for the hype or is there some merit behind this new design?