Everything you need for an undisturbed night of sleep

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Trouble sleeping? Here’s a checklist of all the things you need the next time you have a restless night.

Some nights are just harder to fall asleep than others. You’ve switched sides twice, flipped your pillow over to the cooler side, kicked-off the blanket and pulled it up back again, but for whatever reason, your brain remains switched on; racing through a never-ending list of irrational thoughts: Where did I leave the lip balm? Have I double-locked the doors? What should I have for lunch tomorrow? The questions keep coming. 

Give it a pause; let your mind turn off. Sleeping shouldn’t be so hard. Before you wiggle yourself into a cosy spot and get ready to wind down, have a browse through these products — from one-and-done lozenges to meditative podcasts — essentials to getting a good night of snooze. A full eight-hour cycle, no less. Happy sleeping.

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