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The CW’s American television series Gossip Girl last aired on December 17, 2012, but the fans never moved on from the show’s high school drama. As a result, a new generation of spoiled students from the Upper East Side is about to be born.

Gossip Girl Remake

HBO Max is making a remake of the CW Network’s teen drama series, Gossip Girl

The revival will consist of the same set of writers and producers from the original play, including Joshua Safran, Josh Schwartz, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. TV, and CBS Television Studios. As per the old casts, there isn’t any confirmation yet whether they would make an appearance or not.

Will Kristen Bell Return?

Kristen Bell is rumored to make a comeback as the Gossip Girl narrator

On September 19, 2007, Schwartz created an adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl novel alongside Stephanie Savage. A bunch of privileged youth snatched the hearts of the home viewers for more than five years before the network shut it down on its sixth season. With the show’s renewal, one big question arose; who will be the voice of Gossip Girl?

Since they’re all grown-ups now, it is safe to say that Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and Nate Archibald won’t be the center of attention anymore. However, there’s one character in the series who doesn’t really age, and that is the narrator.

Will She Pass the Mic?

Kristen Bell was the ultimate insider who knew everyone’s secret. Her mystifying narratives made the fans crave for more and more episodes as they tried to figure out the Gossip Girl’s identity. Even though the story focuses on the personal dramas of the young New Yorkers, the show was able to add an element of suspense through Bell’s in-between tales. She may not be the face of the TV series, but she’s undeniably the voice of it. Literally and figuratively speaking.

As mysterious as her character was, Bell still leaves us puzzled until now. When reporters asked her if she’ll be returning for the show’s remake, she simply teased the whole world with a “maybe”. But, in case that she’s already fully booked, she nominated James Earl Jones to fill in the role.

Leighton Meester portrayed the role of, Blair Waldorf, one of the main characters in the Gossip Girl series

Leighton Meester expressed her willingness to be part of the remake on an interview as well. Although, it seems like the old casts didn’t receive any invitation from the producers just yet. Does that mean that the revival will introduce a modern Queen B?

It’s a Secret That They Will Never Tell

HBO Max is currently working on a ten-hour-long episode with minimal details shared to the press. After all, Gossip Girl was known for its perplexing attributes making. So, just sit back and relax until the official launch of the remake. Because whatever surprises the production has prepared for the fans, you will never know…

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