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It is “the secret weapon used by celebrities and fashion insiders alike to keep themselves looking fresh-faced and glowing.” So says Harrods, but as The Luxury Channel gets swept up in the hype around Esthechoc, we wanted to try it for ourselves to see whether this luxury chocolate brand really can hit the sweet spot and do you some good….

Music artist and brand ambassador Elle L has launched a new campaign, called Golden, on behalf of Esthechoc, a revolutionary vegan chocolate beauty supplement that, when enjoyed daily over the course of a few weeks, has proven and powerful benefits on skin health. The low-calorie supplement is a luxury chocolate and amalgamates the best of science and nutrition in one delicious bite. It is all-natural, and just 38 kcals per piece!

Esthechoc has come about after ten years of scientific study and research by the team at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies, and is the world’s first clinically proven anti-ageing chocolate. Packed full of powerful antioxidants, industry experts are now dubbing Esthechoc as the holy grail of beauty medicine; a chocolate that is enjoyable, healthy, doesn’t raise insulin levels and helps to regain skin health in just three weeks. Better still, optimal results can be seen when eating the chocolate daily, which is music to the ears of singer and brand ambassador, Elle L.

Elle L has only recently stepped into the spotlight, but her spectrum of creative talents and genre-defying music makes her one of the most promising future pop stars of today. The artist represents a new wave of millennials who sing, write, model and direct, and her produced work on bespoke projects for CNN international, BBC, IFC and Copenhagen Fashion Week bring out her chameleon creativity. Elle L’s passion for the environment puts her identity and energies to good use. As ambassador for Fashion For Conservation, a project founded by Nazazine Afshar (see our article here), Elle L hosted a London Fashion Week preview of their campaign to protect the rainforest with United Nations. She’s also on the committee for Whitley Fund For Nature, whose patron is HRH Princess Royal and Sir David Attenborough is a trustee.

Commenting on her glowing skin, Elle L admitted that she enjoys Esthechoc as a late-night treat, or when she’s with friends. “Esthechoc is a revolutionary way to keep skin glowing,” she revealed. “It really is a dream supplement!”

Elle L recently travelled to Peru on an eco-creative adventure with radio DJ Lara Fraser, where the pair visited the cacao fields of the Las Piedras region of Madre de Dios to see how the plant is grown first-hand. “Not only is the cacao plant in its raw form beautiful and a potent antioxidant, but it also proves to create a sustainable form of living in the rainforest, where there is often illegal destruction of natural habitat and eco-systems for the communities to earn money,” Elle L said. “Foundations such as Hoja Nueva, the eco-retreat we have been staying with, are supporting the locals in ways to ensure effective support is given to bridge the gap from concrete to natural jungles in a mission to protect the environment.”

Elle L also revealed a personal highlight of her trip. “One of the most special moments of the trip is when we gave a local Peruvian girl named Angel a piece of Esthechoc – she had never tasted chocolate in her life, even though her family are cacao farmers! They only consume it in its raw form and it’s then sent away for processing into chocolate. She loved it and her eyes lit up. We got to learn a little from one another, as I wouldn’t have seen the raw ingredient without her family and she might not have tried chocolate so soon. I’ll definitely be giving her more next time I’m there.”

So, the big question – does Esthechoc actually work? The Luxury Channel eagerly put it to the test to find out. We can report that firstly, it tastes delicious – in every square, there’s the initial intensity of smooth dark chocolate but there’s also a sweeter flavour trickling through in the background. At the end of the trial period (you eat one square a day, and each square comes individually wrapped for freshness), we noticed our skin was much brighter and somehow felt lighter; no doubt due to the fact that Esthechoc contains astaxanthin (which comes from algae), reported to be nature’s strongest antioxidant – it’s 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E. So next time you get a chocolate craving, try Esthechoc. It tastes good, it does good – but best of all, it’s only 38 kcals a square!

For more information about esthechoc, visit You can buy esthechoc Golden online here and in store at Harrods, Selfridges and at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in London.