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“There is an emotional impact in every painting by Sansó.”

On February 24, Fundacion Sansó opens the year with an exhibit that focuses solely on the private collections of its namesake artist. Called “Prized and Personal,” it will be a first of a series of shows featuring selections from avid collectors of the Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee Juvenal Sansó’s works.

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These exhibitions are meant to give us insight on the aspects of Juvenal Sansó’s art and how these aspects resonate with the individuals and families who collect his creations. Here, we get to understand why his works are prized by these collectors, and what personally moves them to collect his art.

“Uplifting Sardana” (1982)
“Immersed in Joy” (1990s)

This series of exhibits will run on different dates throughout 2022 and will culminate in the publication of a book of the same title in 2023, published by Fundacion Sansó. This hardbound coffee table book will be different from the other institutional titles of the museum as it will focus on the subjective and personal voices of the collectors, instead of the authoritative voice that is usually seen in art publications. The book will also be a case study on the various motivations of art collectors in response to the growing Filipino art scene.

The private collection featured in this first “Sansó: Prized and Personal exhibit” is that of Jack Teotico. He, along with other friends of the artist, founded Fundacion Sansó in 2014 with the artist to establish his artistic legacy and support his advocacies.

“Blue Bouquet” (1950s)
“Jokers” (1952)

Composed of 36 works, mostly on paper, in different mediums spanning the various eras of Maestro Sansó’s art career: from the Black Period, Floating Bouquet, and drybrush barong-barong creations, to the highly popular Brittany and En Vase series, this first “Prized and Personal” show is a celebration not just of Sansó’s art, but also of Teotico’s and Sansó’s long-running friendship, which dates to the 1980s.

In this exhibit, Teotico shares what sets Sansó’s art apart from other works. “One of the things that I learned in collecting is to discern an artwork not by thinking it is good or bad, but by measuring the emotional impact of that artwork on the viewer,” he says.

Juvenal Sansó / Photo by Peter Fink, courtesy of Fundacion Sansó

Teotico continues that “there is an emotional impact in every painting by Sansó. Each of them will have a nuance or something about it that will make you happy, sad; disturbed, or relaxed. But emotionally, it will hit you. And emotional impact is very important in collecting.”

“Sansó: Prized and Personal” launches online on February 24 at 2 P.M. via FB Live on the Fundacion Sansó Facebook page. The physical launch will be on March 12, 2022 at 3: P.M. at Fundacion Sansó, 32 V. Cruz, San Juan City. “Sansó: Prized and Personal” can be viewed online, and the physical exhibit at Fundacion Sansó will run until April 30, 2022.