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The entertainment company owes much of their success to their biggest K-pop group.

A report from February found that all seven members of BTS currently own more than 10 billion won (around $7.6 million) worth of HYBE stock each.

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Members Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook equally own 68,385 shares each. This is valued at 13.3 billion won.

J-Hope owns 62,784 shares (worth 12.2 billion won). Meanwhile, RM owns stock worth 11.3 billion won and Jin with 10.2 billion won.

The entire HYBE stock holdings, owned by founder and chairman Bang Si-hyuk, was evaluated to be worth over 2.5 trillion won.

The report was initially released by the Korea CXO Research Institute. Their research involved individual shareholders of content-related companies. This includes production companies and distributors of music, movies, webtoons, and more.

According to their findings, only 34 individual shareholders own content stocks worth over 10 billion won.

The combined value of these shareholders’ assets amount to 4.12 trillion won, with Bang Si-hyuk owning 61.5% of the total.

He’s followed by Park Jin-young (founder of JYP Entertainment) and Yang Hyun-suk (founder of YG Entertainment), who ranked second and third on the list respectively.

Out of the 34 individuals who joined the 10-billion-won club, 11 of them are HYBE shareholders. Aside from the BTS members, this includes Scooter Braun (CEO of HYBE America), Kim Shin-kyu (HYBE’s chief managing director), and Yoon Suk-joon (former co-CEO of HYBE America).

On February 15, HYBE’s share price closed at 197,200 won. This was an increase from the previous week, when it was at 195,300 won.

Banner image via Instagram @bts.bighitofficial.