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The Ducati of your dreams could soon be a reality.

The Italian marque has just announced a new customization program called Ducati Unica that will allow riders to design and build their own bespoke bike. The hands-on experience sounds like it will be just as rewarding as the resulting dream machine, too.

First, you’ll be invited to the Centro Stile Ducati atelier to meet with the team. Working directly with skilled designers and technicians, you’ll begin devising your dream ride. It will be based on a two-wheeler from the Ducati line-up, but customized to the nth degree. You’ll pick from an array of precious materials, dedicated finishes and special colors to create a true one-off, before selecting any desired Ducati Performance accessories.

Ducati Unica

Each customer will work with the team at the Centro Stile Ducati atelier.  Ducati

“We wanted to give Ducatisti the chance to identify themselves even more with their own bike, making it a direct expression of each person’s individual style,” director of Centro Stile Ducati Andrea Ferraresi said in a statement.

Throughout the build, you’ll be able to make periodical visits to the atelier to check on the progress of the motorcycle. This will also give you a chance to witness first-hand the level of expertise that exists within the 96-year-old nameplate. What’s more, each stage of the creative process will be documented, from the first sketches to the final delivery.

“The moment in which Ducatisti finally see their bike is very exciting for us at the Centro Stile and a source of great pride,” Ferraresi added.

Ducati Unica

You can pick from an array of precious materials, dedicated finishes and special colors.  Ducati

Each custom Ducati Unica creation will be presented alongside a certificate of authenticity that attests to its uniqueness. This also guarantees that the bike will not be replicated.

The program is available worldwide and can be accessed by contacting your local Ducati dealer. The kicker is the availability: Ducati says it can only accept an extremely limited number of requests each year, and only those considered to be in line with the values ​​of the brand. In other words, keep it classy.