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An unhinged California man went on a violent crime spree in downtown Los Angeles on Friday. The armed suspect shot a teen and then later barricaded himself with a hostage in a high-rise apartment building. Dramatic video captured the intense standoff between the armed man and police – which ended with the suspect being killed.

The terrifying sequence of events started around 4:10 p.m., when the suspect was on the sidewalk and put a gun to a man’s face. He pulled the trigger, and “fortunately the gun did not fire,” the Los Angeles Police Department said.

The man then went into a business and pointed the gun at a family. This time the gun fired, and the bullet grazed the head of a 14-year-old. The teen was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.

The suspect left the business and attempted to carjack a woman, but was unable to get inside the vehicle and fled. The frenzied man then got into a physical altercation with a person riding a bike.

Officers attempted to apprehend the gunman, but he ran into an apartment building.

“The officers established a perimeter and began requesting additional resources including K9 and SWAT,” LAPD said. “While a tactical plan was being put in place, officers became aware of surveillance footage from inside the apartment complex. They saw the suspect in a hallway armed with a gun forcing a female to come with him. At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation.”

Onlookers in the area witnessed the chilling hostage situation unfold in the apartment building. The kidnapper is seen close to the window holding a gun to the woman’s head as law enforcement shines a spotlight on the apartment unit.

Suddenly, several loud explosions are heard, which are believed to be flash-bang devices. A SWAT team enters the apartment and multiple gunshots ring out. The suspect was shot by an officer and pronounced dead at the scene. The woman was rescued and taken to a local hospital. Police told KABC-TV that the woman was “OK physically.” The tactical team was unharmed.

Content warning: Graphic video

Hostage situation at downtown LA. https://t.co/LYtly4JSy0

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