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“Well,” said Demna Gvasalia, at Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2022 showing at Paris Fashion Week. “We needed something fun to happen.” And so it did.

Wait. Did you expect oiled-up, leggy glamazons gracing, swanning and sauntering through whatever Balenciaga has in store for their Spring/Summer 2022 Paris Fashion Week slot? Well, they did. Sort of. Balenciaga’s house models, friends and guests recreated a red-carpet photocall walk-through, donning the new collection at a pseudo-premiere that, turned out, to be a real premiere. To a very special, very capital-F fashion mini episode of The Simpsons, rife with inside jokes, celebrity cameos (Hi, Kimye!) and, of course, loving odes to many, many past-season looks.

Did you catch Balenciaga’s signature Speed trainers unfurling as the private jet’s landing wheels? Minute 3:23 if you missed it. From split-second, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances of details like that, to a tartan scarf-as-top separate from Fall/Winter 2021 worn not by a main character but by a cameo extra, to Justin Bieber’s denim-and-sweatsuit campaign outfit dotingly recreated, here’s a comprehensive, exhaustive run-down of every single look The Simpsons’ creators managed to squeeze into ten short, heartwarming minutes.

BFRND in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2021

A House designer in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2021


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in custom Balenciaga


Justin Bieber in his Balenciaga 2021 campaign garb


Chief Clancy Wiggum in Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2021

Moe Szyslak in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2017


Patty Bouvier in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2016, Selma Bouvier in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018


Julio in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018, Agnes Skinner in Fall/Winter 2020


Lisa Simpson in Balenciaga Resort 2022


Waylon Smithers in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2020


Sherri and Terri in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020


Homer Simpson in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020


Comic Book Guy in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2021

Marge Simpson in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020


Bonus: Anna Wintour in Alexander McQueen Resort 2018

(Header and featured images courtesy of Balenciaga and The Simpsons)

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