Does virtual fashion have a future? Singapore artist Aeropalmics thinks so

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Can creativity truly be limitless?

It is if you ask Aeropalmics, who is now the first Singaporean artist to collaborate with a digital luxury fashion label. Yes, you read that right. The label in question is Republiqe, a Singapore-based company that offers virtual clothing that are sustainable (they leave a minimal environmental footprint) and produced ethically (by a handful of tech-savvy designers, not a sweatshop).

They’re also social media-friendly, as Republiqe’s new capsule collection with Aeropalmics shows us. That latter has designed a series of vibrant, playful prints that jazz up pieces like a boxy bomber jacket, a trendy dress-with-pants, and an avant-garde coat with a quilted cape, resembling that one Viktor & Rolf dress.

Unlike the Viktor & Rolf dress, however, you can’t actually step out in these limited-edition pieces. But you can send in a photo of yourself to Republiqe after making your purchase and their digital tailoring team will fit you right into your new clothes, regardless of your size or body shape. That’s the other plus about virtual clothing: they’ll suit just about anyone.

The capsule also marks Republiqe’s first venture into gender-neutral clothing, emphasising the value of inclusivity that drives the brand. Creativity is another, as evident in its choice of collaborating with Aeropalmics. Below, we speak to the multi-disciplinary visual artist on how she designed the prints that colour the collection, the possibilities of the virtual medium, and what you can expect from her next.

Aeropalmics wears a bomber jacket from her capsule collection with Republiqe. (Photo credit: Republiqe)

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