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There was a time when finishing schools and etiquette may have been viewed as old fashioned or solely an education for the upper classes. This is no longer the case. In modern times, there is a re-surging need for life skills training and an evolution of the finishing school to encompass greater skills and knowledge for an education that is relevant to today and for where the world is headed. Leading the way is The London Finishing Academy, with a focus on such an education on social and EQ skills, mindfulness and confidence, all of which are essential in today’s world and shaping us for the needs of tomorrow. With a fresh focus on modern life skills, The London Finishing Academy has been created and designed with great passion, creativity and a dream to inspire people to reach their full potential in their daily social lives. About the Founders and their Ethos Founded by The Hon. Isobel Kershaw and Rula Komodromos, two talented and dynamic and passionate entrepreneurs that over the years have worked together on many charity events and have always been inspired and impressed by each other’s expertise in their respective fields. What they share in common is a passion to create an experience that goes beyond expectations. They decided to amalgamate their business knowledge and experience as they knew they had something special and unique to offer. They came to this decision and joined forces to create The Academy during a meeting at Claridge’s one afternoon in March 2019. Together, they discussed how their expertise would create an etiquette, EQ education and experience never produced before. Being recognised and held in high esteem in their industries, Isobel and Rula bring to the table a richness of life skills, knowledge and experience, imparted with passion and delivered through immersive courses.   Their ethos is simple – passion, respect, and a desire to pass on their knowledge by coaching people to improve their lives and confidence through self-development education. Rula, whose role is of Director of Production, uses her finely tuned event planning skills and creativity to design a jaw dropping production. All 5 senses will be truly awakened with inspiring visuals and attention to detail. Isobel, is the Director of Training, and she uses her unique experience, along with 30 years of fashion industry skills, to produce creative core modules of which she coaches throughout each course. In addition, they take it even further and have collaborated with outstanding experts in key industries relevant to the complete Academy curriculum. Each guest speakers provide both theory and practical workshops in their various subjects. About the Courses and their Luxurious Locations The London Finishing Academy offers two outstanding courses each set in the most luxurious locations of London’s Belgravia and Prestigious Stately Homes of the English countryside. Each course is designed to appeal to both men and women of all ages who are seeking a unique international etiquette and protocol education that cannot be found elsewhere. The courses are completely individually designed and delivered within an immersive environment. A tailored approach that further refines and personalises it to the individual. The 5-Day Course, Non-Residential and Residential Our 5-day non-residential course is to be held at The Goring Hotel, Belgravia. The Goring is the only hotel to have been awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty The Queen, which was received in 2013. The luxurious surroundings of this prestigious hotel will undoubtedly attract a worldwide audience. Their guests will also have the choice of staying at The Goring for the duration of the course, with special rates arranged by the Academy. Their residential course will be held at Somerley House, the location for the popular Netflix series, The Crown. Home to Viscount and Viscountess Normanton, guests will feel as though they have stepped into the pages of history in these magnificent and regal surroundings. The Academy will have exclusivity of Somerley House throughout the guests’ residency, and the experience is fully inclusive throughout their stay. The Academy has chosen elite caterers who will offer a unique menu specifically designed for the course, as well as the luxury of a butler service throughout. Their Core Modules include elements of today’s life scenarios that includes:  Social etiquette, Afternoon tea etiquette, Fine dining etiquette, Personal image excellence and non-verbal communication, Society dress codes, Demeanour, deportment and poise and Social media etiquette.   Each of these courses offers such immersive experiences, sure to have a tremendous positive impact on the learning experience as it submerges you in the environments whilst learning, stimulating all the senses for a deeper learning experience and one that will create great sense memories. Excellent Guest Speakers and Modules Their esteemed guest speakers offering their insights and expertise include: Royal protocol – Colonel Barry Jenkins. The history of a life as a Lord – Lord Kershaw. Public speaking and interview techniques – Robin Kermode. Art appreciation and the history of the aristocracy – Vivienne Haxby. Self-protection – an insight from Ken Wharf MVO. International etiquette and cultural protocol – James Field. Mindfulness – mental health and confidence – Palma Michel. Penmanship and the art of calligraphy – Jenny Collier. The art of Scenting – Andrew Wright. The art of flowers and creating a beautiful table – Paula Pryke OBE. The art of dance and grace– a practical lesson – Sergio Giacomelli. Cake creation – Elizabeth Solaru. Hair and grooming – Errol Douglas MBE. Skincare and makeup for a flawless look – Jane Bradley. Taking your education even further, modules include Jewels, Wine Appreciation and Money Management. Unrivaled Education and Differences There are many factors that make this course of education unrivaled and highly beneficial. With a guest speaker panel is unrivalled in the world your education is top notch and truly expert level. The luxurious nature of where the courses take place set it apart and are a huge part of the course effectiveness, by placing you in key settings, residential and non residential, with exclusivity and high levels of luxury. Their vision is to educate you with modern skills that can be applied to everyone’s lifestyle. Their  5 sensory environments are truly inspirational. With a focus on mind-set and confidence which is is in high demand in today’s world. They offer exceptional support for their students. Their course directors aim to achieve an educational experience that will exceed expectations beyond imagination. And further, while all the world Zooms and offers a virtual experience, these courses are not offered online. The London Finishing Academy Student So who is the ideal student? they cover a broad spectrum of individual from all ages. It is ideal for a university graduate who would like to invest in the course as part of their personal development, in place of travel. For the young professionals who needs to develop their social skills to elevate their potential within their company and for their career path. For the  gap year student, who would rather than traveling, rather can gain elite level social skills. For males or females, this is a course for everyone who understands that there is great benefit in self-development and life skills education. For the expatriate who wishes to train oneself with English social skills with English social skills and etiquette to feel confident in a new country. Welcoming men and women from around the world who are seeking an immersive life and social skills education in England. This would also make an exceptional gift to anyone who would appreciate this experience and the benefits it brings.   For more information visit their website and by email to   The London Finishing Academy is an EAT LOVE SAVOR® Elite Partner

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