Discover The Hublot “Bigger Bang” NFT Auction Featuring Jean-Claude Biver

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The Big Bang Collection from Hublot stands out as the Swiss watchmaker’s most iconic model in the lineup of luxury watches. Former LVMH President Jean-Claude Biver is extremely familiar with the model, as he once worked with the brand. During his time at Hublot, Biver created a one-of-one “Bigger Bang” Tourbillon Chronograph prototype. The all-black piece unique Hublot is now available as an NFT Auction in partnership with WISeKey. The blockchain authentication service is responsible for launching the first-ever digitally certified watch, and yes it was also a Hublot. The winning bidder of the NFT Hublot “Bigger Bang” will receive the digital copy of the original Hublot Tourbillon, while Jean-Claude Biver will keep the physical watch in his collection. The auction is currently running through OpenSea, where bids are placed using the cryptocurrency Ethereum as the source of funds. All funds raised for the NFT Hublot “Bigger Bang” Auction featuring Jean-Claude Biver will be donated to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which supports Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

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