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Why does the “panel” not INSIST that ALL Capitol videos of Jan. 6, 2021, be made available to them (as well as the public) to review? Not just the “edited” in mainstream media news? 

Oh, that’s right! I forgot… It’s not about getting to the TRUTH! It’s to divert the American citizens from the real damage that the Joe Biden administration is and has been doing to our wonderful country since the day he got sworn in (Jan. 6, 2021), and “erased” all the good the “Orange Haired” guy’s administration accomplished.

A very small list of the good that President Donald Trump and his administration accomplished, in spite of all the roadblocks put in his way: 

• Made our military the strongest (once again). 

• Closed our borders to all but LEGAL immigration, which kept fentanyl (and other horrible drug additives), known terrorists, human trafficking (especially women and children) OUT! 

• Made us energy-, fuel-, food-independent, and on and on. 

• Tax cuts. Again, I could go on and on and on. 

• Took Anthony Fauci’s advice at the beginning of the (pandemic), until he realized, along with millions of others, that Fauci “may” have been one of (those responsible for the creation of) this virus and its brothers and sisters. This Biden administration is trying to scare us in to thinking we need more and more of their vaccines.  I promise, last time for “on and on and on.”

Why, you may be asking yourselves, did Biden and his administration cancel all the good that President Trump and his administration accomplished? 

Answer: Pure hatred of Trump (the man) and all who supported him and still do. Those of you who want to blast me for this, go ahead! Just please do not give the “Vladimir Putin” excuse for ANY of our problems. 

I know it’s just my opinion but: 

If President Trump was still in office, we would be thriving, not reliant on ANY other country for anything. Putin would have been too “smart” (aka scared) and would not have invaded Ukraine. And if, by bad judgment, he did, President Trump’s help to Ukraine would have actually helped Ukraine and its people, and thereby would have helped the Russian people as well.  

By the way: 

• Watch out for this “Going Green” stuff being forced on us.

• Check out what your children are being taught in schools pre-K through college, really LOOK into critical race theory and how it has been slowly seeping into our schools for decades (it’s called “communism”) and it no longer disguises itself because it’s been in long enough to brainwash decades of children.  

BUT, on the bright side, those children are waking UP, big-time! You see, they are messing with “their” kids’ brains now! HUGE  mistake. 

Get involved, folks: Attend school board and City Council meetings, check out, not the teacher’s personality, but what they are “teaching” your children. More and more teachers are coming out against what they are being forced to teach. Go to the libraries in your neighborhood and see what we all are being subjected to. 

I think all of these topics (plus many more I have not mentioned) boil down to one thing: Act now and save our great United States or sit back and become another communist nation, reliant on government for a brain.

Diane Zimmerman
Santa Clarita

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