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With figures like Justin Bieber and Dapper Dan getting in on the NFT biz, it should come as no surprise that Dennis Rodman wanted a piece of the action. The Worm continues to set trends with his first-ever NFT collection, inspired by his many epic hair moments.

Appropriately dubbed “Rodman’s Barbershop,” Dennis Rodman’s NFT collection includes unique digital artworks featuring different colorful hairdos akin to the iconic hairstyles that the NBA star wore during his days on the court.

Priced at $175 apiece, Dennis Rodman’s NFTs will launch with over 5,000 units, which means a lot of Rodman hairdos will soon be floating around the metaverse (not sure whether to be scared or excited about that).

For years, Rodman’s been deservingly admired for his unapologetic and gender-fluid style, which included mixing prints, wedding dresses, and, most favorably, his color-dyed hairstyles.

From smiley faces to ombre zig-zags, Rodman’s on-court hair choices became just as watch-worthy as his aggressive defense.

Essentially, Dennis Rodman’s “Rodman’s Barbershop” NFT Collection — which launches April 11 on OpenSea — is a digital homage to Rodman’s unforgettable style.

“Rodman’s Barbershop is a unique way to celebrate his own personal style and creativity, which is something that will always be part of the legacy of Dennis Rodman,” said Metacurio CEO Jeff Hoods, whose company partnered with Rodman to create the NFT collection.

It’s a worthy project for Rodman, who’s been a pretty big proponent of NFTs for several months now.

Was just told I’m ngmi. Show me your favorite NFT projects.

— Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman) December 13, 2021

Don’t wanna sleep on NFT photography. Who is changing the game?

— Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman) January 4, 2022

Learning about this space has been so much fun and I can’t wait to launch my own cutting edge collection. I wanted to make a drop that allowed me to relive my iconic moments from the past, while celebrating the values of these communities of the future.

— Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman) January 10, 2022

We thought Dennis Rodman had done it all after his MARKET collaboration in January of this year. But I think his “Rodman’s Barbershop” NFT collection ticks a pretty big bucket list box, too.