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You may know all about diamond cuts and carats, as well as the importance of traceability and sustainably-sourcing. But, have you been more formally introduced to some of the world’s oldest and greatest sites for diamonds?

Nature is a recurring and relevant theme in all departments of style over the recent years. Rarely though, in comparison to how often fashion pays homage to fond destinations, does jewellery follow in the same sentiment. With the latest De Beers High Jewellery collection, Reflections of Nature, the jewellers have looked to remote and remarkable landscapes to serve as a backdrop of inspiration.

These five places are Okavango Delta in Botswana, Ellesmere Island in Canada, Motlatse Canyon and Landers Reef in South Africa, and the African Namib dessert. The Reflections of Nature High Jewellery Collection launched during Couture Week 2020. It features thirty-right pieces within five sets itself.

De Beers has long stated its dedication to preserving the natural world while improving the lives of people, and takes true to its Diamond Route where the jewellers conserve the natural resources, habitats, and wildlife across southern Africa. With this commitment, De Beers reflects the beautiful nature of diamond sites close to its heart, seen within these magnificent High Jewellery Sets:

Ellesmere Treasure

Ellesmere Treasure Bow Medallion.

To convey the icy cool of Ellesmere Island, De Beers uses round brilliant pavé diamonds. The set has a kaleidoscopic feel that evokes the symmetry of snowflakes with each hand-selected diamond gleaming with purity. Complementing the central-focus diamonds cushion cut are frosted willow leaves of marquise and accent diamonds.

Okavango Grace

Okavango Grace Necklace.

This set was inspired by the Okavango Delta in north-west Botswana, an oasis that is home to one of the greatest wildlife concentrations in Africa. The delta is a maze of waterways, floodplains and islands set among verdant vegetation. Within the set are a selection of diamonds in green, pink, brownish pink, purple, and grey after the wild, in a harmonious yet contrasting relationship with round brilliant white diamonds representing water.

Motlatse Marvel

Motlatse Marvel necklace.
Blooming with subtropical flora, Motlatse Canyon is one of the largest canyons on earth. The location invites in magical views of the sunrise and sunset, exaggerated by the rock formations around. This interplay between natural elements have inspired the fiery Motlatse Marvel. Red, brown, orange and yellow diamonds reflect the sun and rocks, while cooler brown and pink accent diamonds suggest shadow effects.

Landers Radiance

Landers Radiance ring, earrings, and cluster ring.

The Landers Radiance set has the largest mix of diamond cuts and colours for its eight styles, a fair tribute to the diversity of sea life at Landers Reef. Fluidity is the key component with meticulous setting techniques used to achieve movement. It takes six hours and precise craftsmanship for each diamond to be set this way.

Namib Wonder

Namib Wonder bracelet.

The Namib desert is the oldest on Earth, with picture-perfect coastal views of western Namibia. With this set, De Beers echoes the texture of sand with round brilliant and rough diamonds in white and gold. There are nine styles with a repeated, rippling pattern like a soft, fluid movement of sand.

(All images: De Beers)

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