David King tells us why King furniture is made to last for generations

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Since 1977, King (formerly known as King Living) has been a leader in Australian furniture design. With over 40 years of experience, the globally renowned furniture maker celebrates its rich history and heritage at the brand’s bedrock. Through beautiful, minimal designs that keep sustainability and flexibility at the heart of all creations, King looks to the future with clear vision and conviction.

“From the beginning, we weren’t content to just make ordinary furniture. We wanted to make better furniture. Furniture that would last. Knowing that your furniture will last the test of time, we think that’s very important,” says David King, founder of King.

“We deliberately avoid unnecessary ornamentation. We like to keep a clean aesthetic to our furniture so that our product will stand the test of time. In fact, a lot of the products we made in the ‘70s and ‘80s still look good today.”

King explores the young design language of Australia, inspired by artisanry, abstract forms and muted tones. The furniture maker shares this signature style with the world, heralding a coming of age for Australian design, innovation and collaboration.

The brand’s ethos focuses on quality and flexibility through a pared-back aesthetic that allows furnishing to fill a space with comfort and class without visual clutter. King encourages organic interior design, making way for the intentional burst of colour and feature element without compromising in bringing a touch of elevated elegance and modernity to any space. For this reason, King continues to lead the charge in terms of longevity and revolutionary design.

David King, co-founder of King

“It’s integral to know that our furniture will last for generations. When you sit down on King furniture, it’s almost a feeling of weightlessness,” says David. Working at the back of their home with his mother, Gwen King, David grew to understand the importance of structural integrity of design through close study of aged furniture. Perusing through second-hand goods in op shops and observing the gradual wear and tear of vintage furniture gave King insights.

At this juncture, David developed the revolutionary innovation that defines King furniture. The introduction of thoughtfully engineered steel frames grants King sofas their highly acclaimed flexibility, comfort and support, in addition to an unrivalled 25-year warranty.

Keeping sustainability and durability in view, King continues to offer customers the option of recovering its sofas, giving much-loved family pieces a new lease on life. Customers can comfortably invest in King furniture with the confidence that it will bring comfort and style for a lifetime.

For almost three years now, King has been bringing its signature style to Malaysian homes with showrooms located in Bangsar and IPC Shopping Centre. Though the Movement Control Order restrictions have created challenges to a typical customer experience, King has adapted for the term by offering virtual consultations and showroom tours. Clients may shop from the comfort and safety of their own homes, building sanctuaries to relax or work from home with peace of mind.

To find out more about King and its offerings, visit www.kingliving.my today.

(All images: King)

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