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Sadly, when he returned to dig it up some time later, his co-conspirators could not remember the exact place that they had buried the cache. In his diary, he wrote: ‘But, Lord! What a tosse I was for some time in, that they could not justly tell where it was; that I begun heartily to sweat, and be angry, that they should not agree better upon the place.’ 

Eventually, they did locate it, but even that provoked outrage from Pepys, who continued that the hiding place was in fact too obvious. ‘But, good God! to see how sillily they did it, not half a foot under ground, and in the sight of the world from a hundred places, if any body by accident were near hand, and within sight of a neighbour’s window, and their hearing also, being close by: only my father says that he saw them all gone to church before he begun the work, when he laid the money, but that do not excuse it to me.’

Bridge End House