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Some Coronation Street viewers have been left unsatisfied with Geoff Metcalfe’s (Ian Bartholomew) death, wondering how Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) managed to get onto the roof.

Earlier in the hour-long 60th anniversary episode, Geoff attacked Alya in Speed Daal and left her unconscious on the floor, booting her in the side for good measure.

He then cornered poor Yasmeen (Shelley King) at home after she went to collect her treasured belongings.

Keen to not let her get away unscathed after she was found not guilty at trial, Geoff locked the door and poured lighter liquid all over the living room before dropping a flame onto her possessions.

Alya managed to get through the locked door and fire unscathed after Geoff knocked her out

Alya managed to get through the locked door and fire unscathed after Geoff knocked her out

She darted up the stairs and escaped the flames onto the roof, though Geoff soon joined her and continued to threaten her.

However Alya managed to get up there too, before Geoff slipped and fell to his death, being left with Yasmeen’s beloved chickens pecking around him.

But viewers have been left confused, wondering how Alya managed to wake up, get into a locked house and make it past the fire unscathed, and why she didn’t call the police.

Geoff finally died after he fell from the roof

Geoff finally died after he fell from the roof

One said: “It makes me laugh instead of ringing the police Alya joins the hanging out party on the roof.”

Another wrote: “Who has written this crap Alya ends up on the roof after walking into a burning house which would be engulfed by then! Doesn’t call police or fire brigade but goes upstairs through the burning flames and climbs onto the roof! I know it’s only a soap but come on at least make it a bit more realistic.”

A third tweeted: “Slowest fire ever. Alya got smacked across the head, not a scratch on her, managed to get out to get through a petrol fire unmarked, climb on a roof all the time no one noticed anything in the street that’s so nosey.”

Someone else asked: “I have one question: how did Alya get through a burning house with a head injury and onto that roof?”

A fifth said: “Did the chickens let Alya in the house because the door was locked?”

And someone else added: “The slowest burning fire in history. How did Alya manage to pass the fire and get up the stairs?”

Coronation Street continues at 7.30pm on Friday on ITV

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