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Because traveling light is not in our vocabulary.

Consider Yourself Packed with These 13 Functional Toiletry Bags

Your trip is booked; your travel outfit is laid out; now, the only thing left to do is wrangle your all-important toiletries. No matter the length or purpose of your trip, a stylish, practical toiletry bag is a must-have. Keeping all your essentials easily accessible and in one handy place saves you the hassle of having to buy extra products at our destination or (heaven forbid) mess with your tried-and-true skincare routine. Pro tip: store travel-sized bottles of your favorite makeup and skincare products in your toiletry bag so it’s one less thing you have to worry about when you book your next getaway. 

Always travel with your 10-step skincare regimen? Toiletry bags come in all shapes and sizes. From hanging organizers to roll-up cases to simple, elegant leather clutches, there’s something for every kind of traveler. With these options, you’ll always arrive at your destination fresh-faced and prepared for whatever’s in store. 

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