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  1. Hermès, Prada fastest-growing luxury labels: Interbrand
  2. Introducing Luxury Women to Watch 2022
  3. Salvatore Ferragamo gets into holiday spirit with cinematic campaign
  4. China’s latest crackdown could spell disaster for luxury brands in 2022
  5. Achim Marketing Solutions’ Adina-Laura Achim: Luxury Woman to Watch 2022
  6. Hermès, Gucci, WhatsApp, Lamborghini and Bentley
  7. Day’s wrap: Hermès, Gucci, WhatsApp, Lamborghini and Bentley
  8. Free webinar Oct. 27: Finances of the luxury home buyer
  9. Special invite to join State of Luxury 2022 survey – respondents get exec summary
  10. Valentino gives Lady Gaga a voice for self-expression in new fragrance campaign

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