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Holiday seasons are a fantastic time to curate accessories for the festivities. Christmas themed accessories are a fun way to elevate any outfit for this festive period. Subtle additions can be made to most looks to make them subtly Christmas themed. We have selected some accessories that would look wonderfully festive when worn around Christmas time. However, they are all subtle enough that they would also be worn at any time of year. Whether you are searching for the perfect accessory for yourself or a gift for a loved one, keep reading for our best Christmas themed accessories for this festive season.

Christmas Themed Accessories For The Festive Season

Christmas Themed Accessories

Olivia Burton Ice Queen | Silver Stud Earrings OBJIQE01

These stunning earrings would make a beautiful addition to any outfit for festive styling. The earrings are made from sterling silver. They are intricately designed in the shape of snowflakes. The earrings are set with sparkling crystals for a glamorous look. A round cut crystal is set at the centre of each earring. This is surrounded by a halo of smaller round crystals. Each prong of the snowflake is set with a marquise cut crystal. The earrings will add a festive touch to an outfit at Christmas time. However, they will also pair beautifully with any outfit throughout the Winter season.

Swarovski The Elements | Ring | Rhodium Plated | Red | UK N 5563512

Red is a colour that is often associated with Christmas time. This means that red accessories are perfect for festive fashion. This Swarovski ring exhibits a tone tone design. One half of the ring is gold in colour and the other half is silver. The ring has an open design. The end of the gold half of the ring is set with a large, vibrant red Swarovski crystal. The silver half of the ring is finished with a sparkling white Swarovski crystal. The bold gold and red colour scheme makes this ring feel festive during the Christmas period, but would look beautiful at any other time of year also.

Christmas Themed Accessories

Junghans Max Bill Lady | Quartz | Red Strap 047/4541.04

A great watch makes a classic and eye-catching addition to any outfit, no matter the occasion. The bold red strap of this Junghans model makes it the perfect Christmas themed accessory as well as a fantastic companion for daily life. The watch features a white dial with silver and red detailing. A date aperture is positioned at 3 o’clock, providing the wearer with an additional utility. The dial is protected by hard plexiglass and is framed by a high quality stainless steel case. This case houses a precise and reliable battery powered quartz movement. The watch is secured with a bold red quality leather strap for a fun and festive finish.

Thomas Sabo Snow Crystal Charm 925 Sterling Silver 0281-001-12

This adorable charm is made from sterling silver. This precious metal gives the charm a luxurious and high end feel whilst assuring the wearer that it will be long lasting. The charm is in the shape of a snowflake. The snowflake is intricately detailed and will make a beautiful addition to any outfit. The charm features a lobster clasp meaning that it can be attached to any chain or bracelet to create a unique and personalised look.

Christmas Themed Accessories

James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Emerald Diamond Ring RD472E

The colour green is often associated with Christmas time due to its connotations of pine trees and holly leaves. Emeralds often exhibit the same green tones as those found in nature. This ring is made from 9k yellow gold, giving it a truly luxurious feel. Five marquise cut emeralds are set across the centre of the band. They are set in a landscape orientation for an elegant sense of style. Small diamonds are set between the emeralds to punctuate them and add a touch of sparkle. This chic gold ring will make a wonderful addition to any collection for year round wear. However, the bold green of the emeralds makes it a lovely Christmas themed accessory.

Tissot | Gentlemen Automatic | Powermatic 80 | Stainless Steel Bracelet | Green Dial | T1274071109101

This Tissot men’s watch features a bold green dial with silver details. The dial exhibits silver hour, minute and second hands with a date aperture in the 3 o’clock position. The green shade of the dial is reminiscent of forests full of Christmas trees, making it a versatile accessory that is great for festive styling. The dial is framed by a stainless steel case. The case houses an automatic movement that provides the watch with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. This timepiece is finished with a classic stainless steel bracelet that is secured using a butterfly clasp and push buttons. This will ensure that the watch is safe on the wrist. Also, this watch is water resistant up to 100 metres.

What do you think of our Christmas themed accessories? Did any of them catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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