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MESSAGE FROM FOUNDERLauk Chumteav Neak Oknha PHEAP Heak, Founder of Chip Mong

We take pride in being one of the corporations in Cambodia that has achieved remarkable growth over the past three decades and has contributed significantly to the development of the kingdom.Chip Mong has attained prominence as a leader in many fields such as the production of beer and non-alcoholic beverages, construction materials, concrete, roof tiles, cement (5,000 tons per day), consumer products, property development and banking, through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery, all to the highest international quality standards. Chip Mong also continues to explore opportunities to expand our business through hospitality, hotels, the retail sector and much more.

Our vision is to become the most admired and respected corporation in the region. Our core values are “Collaboration with Commitment”, “Making a Difference”, “Growing and Giving Back” and “Customer Focus” (CMGC). With this vision and core values, along with our employees’ tireless effort, efficient management and excellent workmanship, we will continue on the road to growth, successfully producing the highest quality products and serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction. Chip Mong is, therefore, the preferred choice of many customers because of our reliability, commitment to quality and timely delivery.

This great success is owed to our visionary leadership and committed employees, shareholders and stakeholders. I would like, therefore, to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been contributing to this success.

As we look to the years ahead, we must remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations, adopt better management practices and successfully overcome all challenges before us.

I wish all members of great Chip Mong family great success and happiness.

Founded in 2018, Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc. offers an array of well-designed financial solutions with strong commitments to help customers grow financially. Chip Mong Bank provides a personalized banking experience with a comprehensive understanding of your industry, market, and business’ needs. .



Grand Phnom Penh
Residential Area
Capacity: 260 hectares of land featuring
residential areas, golf course and water park


Grand Royal  
Golf and Resorts
Golf CourseCapacity: Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club
and Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club


Chip Mong Bank
Products: Digital Banking, Personal Banking,
Business Banking, Agent Banking


Fairfield by Marriott
Phnom Penh
3 Stars Hotel
Capacity: 300 rooms


Chip Mong Retail
Chip Mong Mall, Chip Mong Supermarket,
Chip Mong Express


Hyatt Regency
Phnom Penh
5 Stars Hotel


Chip Mong Insee
Cement Corporation
Capacity: 5,000 tons per day


Crown Khmer Beverages
Capacity: 750 million cans per year
(future expansion to 1000 million per year)


Khmer Beverages
Products: Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic
Capacity: 750 million litres per year
Sport: Official Partner of Manchester City


Chip Mong Land
Landmark, Park Land, Land Riche
Projects: Landmark (street 271, street 60m),
Park Land (Sen Sok, street 598, street 50M, Street 6A, TK Condo, TK),
Land Riche (Chamkar Dong)


Chip Mong Industries
Chip Mong Ready Mixed Concrete,
Chip Mong Rooftiles, Chip Mong Pipe

Capacity: Chip Mong Pipes (500 Tons per months),
Chip Mong Rooftiles (140 tiles per minutes),
Chip Mong Concrete (15 Batching Plants)


Chip Mong Trading
Building Materials and
Consumer Good

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