Cheesy Tomato Hand Pies

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The best part about these hand pies is how versatile they are. Mix and match the cheese and herbs to achieve whatever tomatoey, cheesy vibe you’re going for. This version with Gruyère, thyme, and marjoram (or a little tarragon) has a Frenchy feel, while extra-sharp cheddar, thyme, and dill can be subbed in to achieve a grilled-cheese-and-tomato-soup flavor profile. You can even take it to pizza pocket territory with low-moisture mozzarella, oregano, basil, and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. Puff pastry often pulls apart at the seams as it puffs when baking, so make sure to press hard with a fork when sealing. Using a metal bench scraper or chef’s knife to cut a thin ¼-inch strip off the crimped edges helps seal the dough as well. No matter what, there will be a little cheese ooze, BUT don’t fret it! That cheese will crisp and create a little skirt around the hand pies—and who doesn’t like nibbling on some crispy, lacy cheese bits? You can use Pepperidge Farm puff pastry in place of Dufour. Each package comes with two sheets, so you’ll want to cut four rectangles out of each one for eight hand pies total.

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Makes 8



large garlic cloves


sprigs thyme


large sprigs marjoram or oregano


Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil


pint cherry tomatoes

tsp. Diamond Crystal or ¾ tsp. Morton kosher salt, divided


tsp. freshly ground black pepper, divided; plus more (optional)


oz. Gruyére or other semihard or semisoft melting cheese (such as cheddar, low-moisture mozzarella, or Fontina)

cup crème fraîche

tsp. freshly ground nutmeg (optional)


large egg

All-purpose flour (for dusting)

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