12 Asian Writers to Watch

Love the surrealism of Haruki Murakami and his cats? Or the caustic wit of White Tiger author Aravind Adiga? Exciting Asian writers are everywhere, both in Asia proper and throughout the diaspora. With a cultural heritage as diverse as the sprawling continent itself, this eclectic group of wordsmiths is worthy of a Continue Reading

15 Things to Know About Sugar

“The best way to deal with temptation is to yield to it,” as the late Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, once told me. Although he wasn’t specifically talking about sugar, such a devilish source is only fitting when talking sweet, sweet sucrose. No substance seduces us more, which Continue Reading

Sean Penn: Well Beyond Hollywood

Though he’d likely deny it, actor Sean Penn is bona fide Hollywood royalty as the son of film-world notables and sibling to entertainers of note. And then? A life shift toward a kind of public service not prized in Hollywood had him hitting Haiti after their earthquake and cholera tragedies. Continue Reading

Chip Me: Advances in Brain Tech

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